Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strawberries & Cream -- YUM!!!

May 12, 2011

Ok, we had an early evening last night so you would think that Ray would have had things prepared better for his morning (Scottish time) blog.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we spent most of the day helping out Labrador Rescue Scotland at a store called Pets at Home. Pets at Home is sort of like a Petsmart/PetCo in the Colonies. Pets at Home are having an adoption awareness campaign. Lab Rescue was asked to staff the booth one day.

So it felt just like I was at home working an event with Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. So we sold raffle tickets and a few Lab Rescue items to raise funds. But mostly talked to people about the importance of adoption.

And of course as with any event you must have your spokes Lab. Here is Molly working the booth. She was incredible, and speaks eloquently about the benefits of re-homing.

While we were at Pets at Home (a wonderful place by the way, and I highly recommend stopping by one if you are in the area). A little girl came by with her school project. She is to take care of Thomas a stuffed Dalmatian for a week and bring him around. With her.

Ok, every adventure has to have something unique in it. So during one of the breaks Sheila and I went and wandered around a local cemetery. Where we found some wonderful headstones (Including Carolyne's Dad whom we said hello to). But this one was very interesting and indicative of many of those in the area, with a lot of detail about the person.

After a wonderful day of meeting Labbies it was time to relax. Roger had offered to make Pizza. (sorry no pictures I was to engrossed in gouging myself) It was wonderful. But of course to make Pizza means you must have pizza ingredients. So off to Tesco (local grocery store) we went. While Roger, Sheila and Carolyne were out finding food Ray was in the Wine/Booze section. Roger and Sheila knew that I would be most useful there.

Now one of the things about letting Ray loose in a Liquor store is that you never know what he will come back with. Well of course I found a wonderful Jacob's Creek Shiraz that was reasonably priced (Ray rarely pays more then $15 for a bottle of wine) but the find of the day was a bottle of Strawberries & Cream infused Vodka. I kid you not.

It sort of looks like Pepto Bismol (an upset stomach med in the states). But taste wonderful (at least to me, and that is all that counts).

Oh, and I almost forgot we did go and see some scenery. Here is the obligatory picture of the North Sea. Love the whole rocky shore stuff going on.

(Can you tell Ray is getting to the end of the Blog and Breakfast is calling and I can't eat until I'm done informing you of what went on).

So Mega great day. Today we are off to Tongue. So far the day is starting off well. Usually I have to prod Sheila to get up in the morning, but she popped right up so I think she is as excited to start the day as I am.

Ray & Roger & Sheila
P.S. Ray is getting the hang of this driving on the wrong side of the road thing and is going to be head chauffeur to Tongue today.


  1. Way to go Ray and the Wedgedi. looks like your haveing a great time, the pics are unbelievable. Have a great day (night) whatever.

  2. Wonderful photos and I'm so glad you had so much sunshine. Was it cold? You're so far North...what about length of daylight hours --we're heading toward Summer Solstice and I'm guessing it stays lightsome for quite a while, yes?? You must have loved it so much!