Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Movie Stars in Wick

May 11, 2011

Well yesterday (I am writing the recaps the morning after) was brilliant.

We started out with a wonderful breakfast at the Hawthorne's B&B. Gosh if you go away hungry then there is seriously something wrong. Thresa lays out a wonderful spread and makes a great cup of Coffee.

Afterwards we were off to Carolyne's and then to spend the morning in Wick. Wick is a wonderful little burg in the Highlands. While there we did one of the things that we came to Scotland to do, which was to hand over a little donation to Labrador Rescue Scotland to help them in their good works.

Glamor Queens:
Then it was off to the place where Locals have Coffee and a pint in the morning in Wick, and to have a walk about (have to throw in my Australian once in a while). While there we had what could only be called Movie Star sightings (I'll post a pic later, can't find mine) only to find out that they were Carolyne's Aunt and Mum.

But gosh they they were very much in the style of Greta Garbo & Lillian Dish. Very Glamorous. With the Carolyne's Aunt wearing sunglasses to hide her identity from all her adoring fans (which I later found out were to hide an eye that just had surgery on it) and Carolyne's Mum with a wonderful white headscarf on. The two of them looked like they stepped out of a 1950's post card. It was wonderful.

After a nice pint errr.... I mean a wonderful Coffee. It was time for a walk about. I was thrilled to see the Cancer Research Store. A place where survivors can go. (Those of you know me, know I kicked Cancer a number of years ago and thanks to my beloved Labbie Ms. Shasta it is not coming back).

The town is very walkable. We had a wonderful time. Just strolling around.

While about we stopped off at one of businesses that help out Lab Rescue Scotland, Hilltop Horses. A wonderful store full of everything you would need to go riding. www.hilltopholidayhome.co.uk and of course we had to have a picture with all the great gear as Margaret Huston of Heart of Texas Lab Rescue would be jealous ;)

The it was on to a real treat. A honest to god Manor house. Thumpster Estates http://www.thrumster.co.uk This is a wonderful place situated on over 10,000 acres where you can go hunting & fishing etc... But they also have Flat Coated Retrievers. Which of course made our day. I am going to do a special Blog article on this place in the next day or two. There was so much to see and do that I could not give it justice. But suffice it to say it will go down as one of the highlights of our trip. Not just a wonderful place, but wonderful people with of course wonderful dogs.

After a relaxing dinner, we were off to hand deliver a couple of paintings to Rory & Sarah. So thanks to Carolyne's husbands GPS unit (a Tom Tom) we were able to make it cross country to Halkirk to meet Gracie. A wonderful 2 year old Lab who for all intensive purposes rescued Rory & Sarah. To boot it was close to Sarah's birthday so Sheila was able to drop off a couple of paintings.

Next came a wonderful drive back to our little B&B in Mey. And the end to another wonderful day. And of course since Ray is too darn lazy to write about the day they had on the day it was had, it is being done the morning after the day. And it looks like it will be the start of another wonderful day.

That is if Ray can get Sheila & Roger out of bed. They look so comfy under the wonderful down comforter. I even went over and tickled Sheila's feet but she did not move.

Oh well. We hope you have as brilliant a day as we do.

Ray & Roger & Sheila
P.S. We decided that we will do a Photo site and download all our photo's to it. There are so many that we just can't get them all posted here.
And stay tuned for a special posting on Thumpster Estates.

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