Monday, May 9, 2011

A day in Mey

May 9, 2011 Recap
Oh my!!!! it is 7am. But these comforters at the Hawthorne's are so comfy I never want to get out of bed. Lucky for me I can compute while in bed.

Ok, I am writing this the morning after it happened.

Whew we are having a whirlwind of a time.

We drove up from Loch Ness yesterday to Mey. The trip was very stunning. We stopped at a little cafe outside of a town whose name I can't remember and had a "Spot" of tea and then went up to view the Emmigrants statue (I'll talk more about that in a later post).

Then up to Mey where we checked into the Hawthorne's B&B. Much to my surprise there was a Police Van in the driveway. Hmmmm!!!! I was certain that I had violated a few driving laws in negotiating the roundabouts as well as driving on the "Wrong" side of the road. But alas it was just Andy whom is the Husband of Theresa who runs the B&B.

After resting up a bit we got a Police escort up to Carolyne's place (Home base of Lab Rescue Scotland). Of course I took pictures of the Labs. Here is one of her D'Arcy who looks so much like Roger & Sheila's Sophie that it is scary.

Then it was off to Castle Mey, which was the late Queen Mum's Castle. You can tell that the whole area just loved her. No pictures allowed inside, but needless to say it was very nicely done. But not pretentious.

After Castle time it was time to hang out with Labbies. Ollie & Lenny were gracious enough to let us come and play with them.

Then it was back to Carolyne's for a light dinner and some pleasant conversation before the harrowing ride (minus police escort) back to the Hawthorne's. First Ray had to figure out how to turn on the headlights in the car. That was a comedy act until we found the switch that had a headlight on it (DOH!!!!) Then came the drive back on the single track road which was going well until we came up on a car coming right at us. So I went to pull over and they went to pull over but we both went to pull over in the same space. Of course the whole time Roger & Sheila are yelling "Left, Left, Left" so I swing over to the Wrong Side of the road again and all is fine.

Ok, back to the Labraventure. Today is going to be packed full of excitement.

Ray & Sheila & Roger

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