Friday, May 6, 2011

If you want the Loot, read on!!!

May 7, 2011 4am Austin time
(For God sake what am I doing up at this hour? need to catch a ride to the Airport for my 7am flight. Ride shows up around 5am.)

Let the Labrventure begin!!!!!

Sheila and I talk just about everyday. Usually, I answer the phone with "What do you want now" But yesterday it was "Thanks God it is you and not work".

So everyone is packed. Sheila packed about a week ago, Roger packed a couple days ago and I of course packed this morning. Socks, Shoes, Pants, Shirts, Dinner Pajamas all packed in. I had wanted to bring my Cowboy Boots, but alas space constraints mean they stay home (sorry Carolyne). And sorry Carolyne & Yvonne the Stetson is staying home, don't want to risk crushing it on the flight. But don't worry I have my Cowboy Shirt!!!

So you are reading this and thinking, did he say he packed Dinner Pajamas? Yup you read that correct. I believe that if you are going to be lounging you should be comfy and hence my Dinner Pajamas. Which needless to say have Labrador prints on them.

Sheila calls yesterday (Friday) with her afternoon update. Paintings done, things packed, things shipped and she called her kids and said how much she loved them and how proud she is of them. Damn, I was about ready to cry (except I was laughing so hard). Yup!!! we are all going to die and Sheila is the only one of us who has said goodbye to her family.

So we are off. And of course we are violating one of Ray's prime directives of traveling overseas. Which is never fly a U.S. Flag Carrier. For years when I was with IBM I would only travel on an airline from a country who I figured had not recently pissed off the Terrorist world. Hence I mostly flew Singapore, Emirates, KLM and Swiss when I flew around the world.

But here we are not only flying on a U.S. Flag Carrier across the pond, but one called US Airways. And of course we are doing this just days after the U.S.A. rid the world of a Terrorist. So maybe Sheila telling everyone goodbye is not such a bad idea. Hmmmm Time to get the phone working. (except I doubt anyone would answer their phone at this hour of the morning)

Or I could just assume that everyone I care about will read this post and hence I can cover everyone all at once. So here goes. I love you all, I am very proud of each of you and if I never see you again remember my Will says if you want the Loot you have to take the Labs!!! (Will is located in the Yellow folder on the shelf upstairs.)

Whew!!!! I feel better already.

So we are off. I am as excited to see Sheila & Roger Wedegis (who are my Florida family) as much as I am to to make the acquaintance of my Scottish family. I am lucky to have families all over the place. There is my Texas, Florida, Montana, Oregon & Alaskan families as well as my Egyptian & Australian families. And soon my Scottish Family. Heck why be stuck with just one family when you can have several?

The next post might be from Philly where we may have Internet connection via AT&T WiFi, or maybe the next post will be from Scotland and the Clansman Inn on the shores of Loch Ness. You will need to check to see.

Ray & Sheila & Roger

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  1. Safe journey guys. I will wear my cowboy boots and hat from Sheplers if it makes you feel more at