Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have Passport will Travel

Sheila, Roger & Ray all have our Passports now and are ready to head off on the the Great Scottish Labraventure.

So why all the excitement, after all it is just a Passport?

Well that is what we all thought. Ray has had a Passport since he was born. So no big deal there. Roger needed one, and that went fairly smooth. But Sheila always has to be the difficult one.

For those of you who don't know, Sheila is adopted (and very comfy with it). So when she sent in her paperwork she sent in the Birth Certificate that she had. Little did she know that there for adopted children there is a more detailed birth certificate that is needed and is only available from the agency in the state that she was adopted from. So she had to jump through a bunch of more hurdles to get that "Long Form" Birth Certificate.

So after much waiting and paying an expedite fee to insure it arrived in time, the big day finally arrived. So now Sheila has a Passport and can come on the Labraventure (darn good thing as the airline ticket had already been paid for).

Ok, a Ray story. (there are always Ray stories ;) Ray fully expects that he will get the "special" treatment when he goes through Customs. Given that he was born in Libya (yes I am an African American) and that stamped in my passport is just about every Arab and Eastern European country. Thus, I am used to getting invited to have a seat in a private room when I go through customs.

So there you have the saga of the Passports.

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