Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Less than 1 month to kick off!!!

Howdy all,

Well we are less than one month to the May 7 kick off of the Great Scottish Labraventur.

So what is a Labraventure? From my travels around the world I have noticed that all truly civilized societies have Labradors. So as we head out we will be searching to see if Scotland is truly a civilized society.

Thus, we will be searching out Labradors in Scotland and having a wonderful adventure along the way. For those of you who followed the Great Alaskan Expedition in 2008 you know that Sheila, Roger & Ray find lots of off the beaten track sites. Yes we will see some of the traditional touristy sites and we will report on them. But you can be assured we will find plenty of unexpected treasures as well (mostly because Ray is driving and you never know which way he will turn).

So stay tuned. We will be posting brief updates on Facebook in the LabRaventur group. And detailed postings here (with pictures and all). We will put links on the FB page to the daily antics so don't worry.

Ok, first story. (you will find out that Ray has lots of stories). I have never driven in Scotland but I have driven in Australia, Tokyo, Rome & all over Europe. The plan is to fly into Glasgow on May 8 and drive up to Loch Ness and spend the evening there before heading up to Mey in northern Scotland. So what is the story? Ray has been known to shift with his right hand when driving on "wrong side of the road". So this will be interesting in itself.

Next posting will cover the logistics of getting to Scotland. You will learn how 3 crazy Lab loving people decided to jump on a plane and fly for 18hours just to see for our selves if Scotland is Civilized society or not.

Cheers & Stay tuned
Ray & Sheila & Roger

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