Friday, April 15, 2011

It all began with a Picture

So how did The Great Scottish Labraventur start?

Well like so many things in the lives of Ray, Sheila & Roger it started with a picture. Ray called Sheila all excited about this picture that Carolyne Poulton had just posted on Facebook. As you can see it was just stunning. And of course it involves Labradors (for those of you who do not know me I have one of the largest collections of Lab art around numbering over 600 pieces).

So Ray calls Sheila to tell her she has to look at the picture, and how stunning it would look painted. So Sheila sends a note off to Carolyn to ask her if she could use the picture as a reference photo for a painting. Carolyn of course agrees. And the result is this painting.

So Sheila lists the painting on eBay for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to Lab Rescue Scotland (whom Carolyn works with). And low and behold it is bought by a Scotsman living in America (or as you Brits might say living in the Colonies). He bought it because it reminded him so much of home.

Thus started a friendship between Sheila and Carolyne. Carolyne at some point probably said you need to come and visit (she probably did not, and still does not know what she has gotten herself into).

Next thing you know Sheila, Roger and Ray have Plane tickets to Scotland leaving the Colonies on May 7 and returning on May 16.

And it all started with a picture posted on Facebook.

So there you have it. How Facebook helped a bunch of Lab loving people to connect. And now a grand adventure is going to happen and you get to come along.

Ray & the Gang


  1. Wow what an inspiring story!!! And how amazing are you guys to help Carolyne and other dogs the way you do. Just as amazing as Carolyne for dedicating her life to the dogs. Lucky dogs i say having you all on board :-)

    And i just LOOOOVVVEEE the picture that kicked it all off :-)

    Really looking forward to meeting you all